Black Island Bakery was created in response to our passion for simple, wholesome food. We work with individuals and groups by offering hands-on training workshops in the art of traditional bread baking. Our bread share provides fresh loaves to customers on an order basis.

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Knead for Change

For the most part, modern bread is far from the proverbial staff of life. In fact the industrial production of bread (and much of our food) has not served our health, environment or sense of community well over the past century. In contrast, traditionally made bread with a long fermentation helps to improve the availability of nutrients and digestibility. And perhaps above all, the flavour of real bread is second to none.

Black Island Bakery aims to strengthen our local food community by sharing with people just how simple it really is to enjoy fantastic bread that can be created in your own kitchen. 

Local Ontario Wheat

We use Oak Manor Farms' stone ground organic wheat. The farm and mill are about 25 km from Waterloo. We also stone grind our own flour and source our whole wheat berries from organic Ontario farms. Not only does Black Island Bakery support local enterprises and value locally produced foods, but Oak Manor Farms flour is wholesome and delicious - well suited to our slow fermentation breads and other baked goods.