What people are saying about Black Island Bakery...

I had a wonderful time with Bruce learning to make sourdough bread. It’s an amazing process from water and flour to a scrumptious loaf. Nothing tastier than freshly baked bread without the yeasty taste!! Yummy!!
— Janette Adams, Cape Town, South Africa
I have made breads at home, but generally focus on quick breads. Bruce taught us traditional bread making techniques, slow and thoughtful. Complete with tea breaks and lunch, the day was beautiful, enjoyable and inspiring.
— Lucy Hinton, Waterloo, Canada
Thanks for sharing your wisdom and love of bread with us last weekend, I thoroughly enjoyed it! Despite the fact that I couldn’t roll my rolls perfectly, I had a lot of fun and learned quite a bit. I found it most interesting that all three breads we made turned out so differently despite starting with mostly the same ingredients – discovering this and the whole process that goes into making bread has given me greater appreciation for all its subtleties.
— Jordan Vetter, Waterloo, Canada