There is a 'knead for change' so let's start making a difference in our own lives and communities by learning to bake real bread together.


Is this workshop for me?

This workshop is for beginners and home bakers. It is also suitable for anyone who wants to join a group for a day to explore the art and science of bread making. You will leave at the end of the day with a variety of fresh breads that you have baked.

What you will learn

You will learn how to make a range of really good dough and breads using both a sourdough starter and organic dried baker's yeast. The mystique of successful bread making will be explained, including the role of hydration, fermentation, effects of flour types, heat and time. You will prepare and bake at least three different types of bread with versatile recipes that can be adapted to make a wide variety of other breads at home.

Our introduction to sourdough at this workshop will teach you how to create your own sourdough starter from scratch (just flour, water and time) and how to bake using that starter (including refreshment, fermentation, scaling, dividing, shaping, proving and baking).

Throughout the workshop we will talk about the history of bread, different grains and their role in bread making, health and food. 

Our Approach

All our workshops are participatory, in which you will learn to prepare and bake bread in a supportive instructional environment. The atmosphere can be busy, but we always make time to relax and replenish our energy. You are encouraged to ask questions and share ideas and your own experiences throughout the day. Bread baking is a collaborative and fun endeavour at the Black Island Bakery Teaching Studio.


This comprehensive workshop runs from 9am–5pm on Saturday, and costs $245. This is the total fee and there are no additional costs. 

This fee includes:

  • Instruction by Bruce who leads the workshop
  • Refreshments and lunch (all homemade)
  • Black Island Bakery apron and baker’s hat
  • Black Island Bakery recipes provided in class and notebook (with pencil)
  • Two dough scrapers
  • All the bread that you bake
  • Black Island Bakery’s Mastering Bread Basics & Introduction to Sourdough e-notes

Location and Venue

This workshop is designed to show you how to make excellent bread at home, with no special equipment. The workshop takes place in our certified teaching studio in Waterloo, Ontario in comfortable surroundings using a simple kitchen set up. 


Take a look at some photos from our workshop.